Writing Services

Our Professional Writing Services are focused on making you look awesome! We will shape and sculpt your personal and professional milestones to convert them into a Profile or a Biography, Memoir or Coffee Table Book. Our journalistic background, reporting instinct combined with our ‘nose for news’ and ability to keep our ‘ears to the ground’ gives you the much-needed head start in business.


Our flair for writing comes from our technical expertise, rich experience and a commitment to use words in their full glory and present your memories and stories in the most aesthetic and artistic manner. We extend this ability to Journals and Newsletters and  curate high quality content with in-depth research and due diligence.

Our writing skills owe their flair to our innate ability to listen, understand and empathize with your spoken and unspoken needs. We research and review, investigate and interview while diving deep into your life, your roots, your history and your journey to present you in the best way possible.


While it is our greatest pleasure to understand, document, articulate and launch your ‘Memories’ and your ‘Stories’ in the most effective way, readability and audience understanding ensures that we bring forth a bestselling story that will appeal to readers and listeners while ensuring that your message reaches the intended beneficiary.


Our writing is customized on fulfilling your specific requirements so whether you wish to create a comprehensive memoir that documents your family history and memories or write your own life story or that of your business, we promise to listen, absorb, record, report and articulate your deepest thoughts, emotions, memories and stories and convert them into an eminently readable format.



As you look back at your personal and professional journey, you will see a fulfilled life where Memories & Stories abound. We understand how precious these stories are and how important it is to immortalize and perpetuate your family history and business legacy.


Professional or Personal, our individual journeys are unique and precious, and when we delve deep into our history, we discover a goldmine of amazing stories. At GLiterARTi, we capture that magic and nostalgia through bespoke Corporate Biographies and Family Memoirs which tell your story to the world.


Whether you are a Corporate or an entrepreneur, an Achiever or a Maverick, we ensure that as the protagonist or the hero / heroine of your life story, you are showcased in the most exquisite way.


A team of journalists and writers, editors and proof-readers are assigned to your book project as we record and document, shape and present your story in the form of Memoirs, Biographies or Coffee Table Books!


Ours is a very personalized service, tempered with an eye for detail, our deep sense of empathy, discretion and sensitivity combined with a ‘nose for news’ and penchant for storytelling.


Our team of researchers and reporters, writers and editors work closely with you and your associates to produce a well-documented saga of courage and compassion to immortalize and preserve your family and business legacy – a perfect gift for a milestone celebration of your company or family member.


We assure you of personalized attention, proven expertise and an ability to transform your life into a bestseller! We also help you find the right publisher and launch and promote your book.


We are ready to Sculpt Your Stories, Let’s get started !

Coffee Table Books

A rich corporate or business legacy deserves to be showcased with all its guts and glory. From Black and White to Eastman colour to the reality of today, we can turn back time with acount down of well-presented pictures and beautifully written captions to document your unique business journey. The humble beginnings, a life full of twists and turns, challenges faced and congratulations earned with awards and accolades that surely deserve to be recorded and documented in a well-planned Coffee Table Book.


As you share photos and pictures of your family or organization, we create the magic of words and stories, integrating them into a rich tapestry that unfolds a compelling story. Words are the bridges that hold the key to every heart and we understand the power of creative expression that will help you take your message to the world.


Our ample experience with well-known magazines and official publications range from Corporate and Lifestyle magazines like DLF City News, National Realty, Business & Economic Diplomacy, Quarterdeck, Naval Despatch, Varuni and Veerangana among others while we have contributed to top newspapers and journals.


Journals and Newsletters

Bid adieu to Academic Paper or Journal blues with bespoke creative articulation and assistance from the team of Guides with over three decades of training experience. The GliterArti team will assist you in the step by step fleshing out of the scholastic skeleton in a simple and effective manner. From starting out with making mind maps for definite and cognitive skill sets, to customised style sheets and a sound pedagogical structure, our team of experts will help you craft papers and journals aimed at specific target audiences. The writing toolkit will meet manuscript requirements for research articles, reports and assessments with proper Methodology, Literature Survey, Abstracts and a robust academic rubric. We will also help create manifold templates with requisite sections and assessments through peer reviews.


The process of writing is a detailed and elaborate one and to get the desired results, we start with understanding your requirements and documenting it faithfully. Then begins the creative process and this is where our journalistic expertise and writing and editing experience comes to the fore front. The final result is guaranteed to satisfy you and your readers and we make sure we launch it with the flair and aplomb that you deserve.