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International Womens Day in March gave us an opportunity to discuss the evolution and empowerment of women through a series of events. The first one in March was organized by Gurgaon Moms at the Crowne Plaza in Gurgaon and was truly path breaking for the sheer number of women who participated and for the energy and enthusiasm it generated. I was impressed by the discussion topics which ranged from spirituality to parenting to sexuality.


It was interesting to note that each discussion was well thought out and curated in such a way as to become an empowerment tool for a woman. The session called ‘Oh yesss….’ justifiably elicited much interest as it focused on a topic that truly defines empowerment. A suitable panel of a writer, a gynaecologist and a woman who believes in feminist porn made for an absorbing discussion that brought the focus on a subject that is barely discussed in public. Just a few days later, on 18th March, another enthralling discussion at the Quill and Canvas book shop at Southpoint Mall in Gurgaon took the audience on a journey from past to present to future with 3 panels of 3 women and one man. This was a journey full of ups and downs, mixed messages of misogyny and patriarchy on one hand and deifying as devi and shakti on the other. While a lady spoke about Islam and the triple talaq, a young girl spoke of the stigma around periods. I got a chance to share my views and you can see and hear this discussion on the youtube link here

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