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Let’s Talk Money

Certified financial planner Monika Halan’s book “Let’s Talk Money” is a must read for all of us who are afraid to delve into money matters and yet want to gain deeper insights into financial planning. Simple and easily comprehensible, it delves into the basics of understanding money and finances irrespective of our income and our demographics


The magical “Money Box” that Monica speaks about is a reminder that following financial discipline provides a blueprint for all of us who wish to upgrade our financial literacy. 



In an interaction with the Book Club members, Monika urged us to manage money efficiently and protect and safeguard it diligently whilst making sure it also work for us. In a commission-driven financial world where glib talking salespeople can mislead us into making the wrong choices, a book like this can put us onto the road to empowerment and take us many steps closer to financial freedom. Her breezy style which is almost conversational is replete with real experiences and personal examples. She even ends every chapter with a summary and notes making it a ready reckoner. 



Monika Halan’s Truisms from “Let’s Talk Money” 

  1. “You have worked hard for it, now make it work for you!” 


  1. “It’s Not a Get-Rich-Quick Book but a feet-on-the-ground-system – to construct your money box and give you direction”


  1. “The global financial sector wants to make you feel stupid with jargon that is deliberately obfuscated for the layperson 

About the Author 


Monika Halan is a trusted personal finance writer, speaker and author who helps families get their money decisions right. She is a best-selling author of Let’s Talk Money. 



She has a Master’s in Economics from the Delhi School of Economics and a second Master’s in Journalism Studies from College of Cardiff, University of Wales, UK. She has worked across various media organisations in India, including Mint, The Economic Times and The Indian Express, and was Editor Outlook Money. She has run four successful TV series around personal finance in NDTV, Zee and Bloomberg India. She was chosen as a Yale World Fellow in 2011.


Her first book Seven Steps to Financial Freedom was published by Macmillan in 2005. Her best-selling book Let’s Talk Money was published by Harper Collins in July 2018. The Hindi translation Baat Paise Ki was released in December 2020. And she is here with us today! 

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