Is your Elevator Pitch ready ?

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You must have heard of the word elevator pitch.
What does it mean?
It means you walk into an elevator and someone famous, someone who can give you the job of your life or the opportunity of your life walks in and you just have a couple of minutes to impress them.
What do you do?
First thing be prepared
Always at the tip of your tongue should be your basic introduction which is your name ,what are your strengths ..what are you really good at?
And finally how can you contribute to making their organization or their life or solve a problem which the world needs.
Thats how the elevator pitch is formed.
So don’t be afraid, smile, have that introduction ready, be ready to talk about your self in a subtle way.
You’re blowing your own trumpet but you’re not showing off or boasting, you’re doing it gently.
And that my dear friends is what is called an elevator pitch.

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