How to write well – tips and tricks from a journalist

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Hi, I am Meenakshi Sharma, Founder of GLiterARTI. GLiterarti is all about books, it’s all about writing, its all about talking, its all about expression, creative or for business purposes.


So, let’s take up a subject which is very close to my heart and which is very important to each one of you.


I have heard so many people complain that they can speak and they can share so effortlessly, but when it comes to writing or structuring their thoughts and putting them down on paper or on email, they actually struggle.


So, let’s make it simple.

Today, let’s talk about HOW TO WRITE – An article, a Blog, A Letter, an Email…whatever you want to write

How can you simplify it?

Ok, so let’s start from the beginning. What is the topic that you want to choose?

Sometimes, the choice is in your hands, at other times, you don’t really have a choice

When it’s your own choice, I am sure you will pick a subject that you are familiar with.


Something you are passionate about, something that you will love talking or writing or thinking about.


But there are other times when the choice is taken from you, and you have been given a topic. In that case, my suggestion is research, make notes and be ready


Now, let’s talk about RESEARCHING – What really is RESEARCH?

Today, it’s all available at your fingertips, on Google or any other sources which are so easily available.

But as the joke goes, if you copy it from one source it is called plagiarism but when you use multiple resources it is research!”

Now , let’s be clear, even if you are taking it from multiple sources, you cannot just cut, copy and paste


So you have to take it all, understand and then re-write it and to re write it, you must be thoroughly cognizant with what you are talking about


So, I come back to it

Understand your topic and be ready to express it in the simplest and easiest way

So, that’s it about the topic and the research

Now comes the next most important thing which I call

A structure, an outline, a kind of skeleton or template which gets you ready

What is the purpose of an outline?

Obviously to help you to visualize how your article, your essay or your blog will look like.

You can either make it a very straightforward list, you can make it a concept map – whatever makes sense  to you.


The purpose of the outline is to make sure that you cover everything that you plan to cover.

It could be in the form of sections, it could be in the form of bullet points…but Outlines will keep it honest.

They will keep you focused on the structure.

So whether you write your outline in your word processor, or your computer, or a piece of paper, or even scribble it, do whatever works for you but keep your focus.


Now for me the structure is very simple.

I call it the Beginning; the Middle and the End or

Very simply, the Introduction, the Body and the Conclusion.

So, what comprises a Beginning, a Middle and the End

More of this in our next segment.

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