Fact And Fiction Enchants Book Lovers Of Gurugram

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With stalwarts like travel writer, historian and co-director of Jaipur Literature Festival William Dalrymple on the one hand and Gurugram Literary and Art Club (GLiterARTi) & DLF Club5 Fact &Fiction event was a fascinating literary afternoon that kept over 150 book lovers of Gurugram enthralled on Saturday 29 nd April at the beautiful Club 5 at DLF5.


The afternoon was off to a brilliant start as the first session focused on ways and means becoming a published author with tips and tricks from  experts like Shalini Gupta of Zorba Books who commented on self publishing; Renu Kaul Verma of Vitasta Publishing who focused on traditional and modern ways of publishing and author Sanil Sachar who commented on becoming a brand to ensure that you are visible to your readers.


Former Ambassador and diplomat Prabhu Dayal’s discussions with GLIterARTI founder Meenakshi Sharma were just as witty and incisive as his memoir & Karachi Halwa which continues to be a telling commentary on the life and times of the Zia-ul-Haq regime and its lasting impact on Pakistan. The audience was enchanted by his experiences and analysis and enjoyed an interaction with the author.


The finale was reserved for William Dalrymple whose travel writing comes from his Indiana Jones style adventures while his deep research and amazing storytelling skills brought to life the Mughal era and colonial legacy. He took the platform on Saturday to speak about the tumultuous journey about the most controversial stone in history – The Kohinoor, which is the subject of his latest book! True to form, his engaging style of transforming history into something so tangible and real made him quite a sensation and book lovers just couldn’t get enough of him.


The event saw bookstores do brisk business as did the online reading library called FaradBooks which allows membership options.



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