How a rescued Indie became a travel partner      By Meenakshi Sharma   We really didn’t start off well as Laika entered our world rather gingerly. But that is not surprising considering her history. We are told that a kind-hearted family spotted her deep down in the Dona Paula valley jungle area in the vicinity of Panjim, in the thick […]


Etiquette, once stringent and exclusionary, has evolved into a loosely bound set of general rules that builds its foundation on the pillars of mutual respect, tolerance, inclusion and politeness. This is of course a necessary and long overdue evolution from what once used to be grounds and means to exclude certain demographics of society. This exhibited in different scenarios such […]


By Meenakshi Sharma The touching yet telling visuals on our television screens as we watched the funeral of India’s first CDS, his wife and his trusted Deputy Brig Lidder gave us a peek into the military ethos even while we watched the dignified farewell. Whether it was  General Bipin Rawat and Mrs Madhulika Rawat or Brig Lidder who was bid […]

The Leopard ‘Sleeps’ in Darkness

After losing one of its best-known African sons of the soil to the Grim Reaper, Africa will never be the same again. Nkosi Wilbur Smith passed away after a long stint on the African tableland and shattered the hearts of millions who had seen, loved and cherished the African peninsula so lovingly described by him. Each Africa based book of […]

Blue Eagle: Look, Sip, Read and Taste

It was sheer happenstance which made me pick up this book from the store. And as I read it, this pick up became one of the happier coincidences of my life. The novel was lovingly written and marked a remarkable tribute to the adroitness, ability and story telling prowess of the author. Written in simple language, with the odd vernacular […]

Book Review

Harsaran Pandey’s review of the book  Despite the title, “Normal People”I find the book, is about people who are far from normal. Both Marianne and Connnell are in their own ways ‘damaged’. It is a story about adolescent love where it is a dance where the two main characters meet and part and meet and part, many times. It is […]


Let’s Talk Money Certified financial planner Monika Halan’s book “Let’s Talk Money” is a must read for all of us who are afraid to delve into money matters and yet want to gain deeper insights into financial planning. Simple and easily comprehensible, it delves into the basics of understanding money and finances irrespective of our income and our demographics   […]

Just A Miracle

A Tryst with Infertility A Memoir of Hope and Courage Author Neena George who hails from Kottayam, Kerala has done her Masters in English Literature. With three decades of experience in being a Lecturer at a junior College to Ground Staff of an Airline followed by entrepreneurship stints at New Delhi and Koch where she has taught Abacus, Vedic Maths, […]

Neena George

Facebook Instagram Linkedin Youtube Twitter Link Neena George Neena George, married to a Naval Officer, hails from Kottayam, Kerala and has done her Masters in English Literature. She has donned various hats over the last three decades ranging from a Lecturer at a junior college to ground staff of an airline followed by a long stint of entrepreneurship at New […]

Finding My Ikigai

Rediscovering a Passion and Converting it into a Venture                                                                                                        […]