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While the pandemic can be blamed for many things, it is to its credit that it has
simplified the interview process and made Online interviewing as common
place as face-to-face interviews.
While some rules of interviews stay the same and so it is not quite different
from meeting in person, it is important to understand and practice so as to be
able to stand out and differentiate yourself from the competition. So whether it
is an interview on Zoom, Skype, Google Meet, MS Teams or any other
platform, your ultimate goal remains the same – to impress the interviewer and
get that deal! Here are some tips to crack that online interview.

 Get details to prepare better: The interviewing team may not provide
much information unprompted, so be sure to ask your interviewer about
the kind of service provider they will use! Will it be audio or video? How
many people will interview you?
 Choose the location: Choosing a location to interview is an integral part
of your preparation for the online job interview. Will it be a Blank Wall, a
Professional Office or Study setting or a selected backdrop? Do a practice
run to adjust the laptop or iPad height.
 Chase the perfect light: Light that is soft and natural is ideal. You may
need additional lights if the room isn’t well lit. If you wear glasses, avoid
strong backlights, which can cause shadows or glare.
 Choose the right device: Choose the device that has the most reliable
technology and is most comfortable to use – be it an Ipad, a tablet, a
computer, a smart phone or any other – Do a test round for comfort!
 Choose Appropriate Attire: Dress professionally and when in doubt,
check the company website and social media accounts for more insights
into the company culture.
 Focus on Body Language: Maintain natural, attentive eye contact while
your hands are visible, chin up, and legs relaxed. Sit up straight,
shoulders back and relaxed, chin up, and legs still.
 Be on time: Punctuality is professional even when you are interviewed
online. Log in a few minutes before time and be patient when you are in
the online wating room

 Don’t ignore the basics:
1. Research the Company
2. Rehearse Standard Questions
3. Review Job Description
4. Review your Resume

Real time or Virtual, the show, as they say, must go on! And these online
interview tips will help you ace the online interview.

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